Compositions And Methods For Detection Of Cronobacter Spp. And Cronobacter Species And Strains


Disclosed are genomic sequences for nine strains of Cronobacter spp. (C. sakazakii - 696, 701, 680; C. malonaticus - 507, 681; C. turicensis - 564; C. muytjensii - 530; C. dublinensis - 582; C. genomospl - 581) and compositions, methods, and kits for detecting, identifying and distinguishing Cronobacter spp. strains from each other and from non-Cronobacter spp. strains. Some embodiments describe isolated nucleic acid compositions unique to certain Cronobacter strains as well as compositions that are specific to all Cronobacter spp. Primer and probe compositions and methods of use of primers and probes are also provided. Kits for identification of Cronobacter spp. are also described. Some embodiments relate to computer software methods for setting a control based threshold for analysis of PCR


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