Coincidence Detection Method, Products And Apparatus


A method and system for detecting coincidences in a data set of objects, where each object has a number of attributes. Iteratively, equally-sized subsets of the data set of sampled, and coincidences (co-occurrences of a plurality of attribute values in one or more objects in the subset) are recorded. For each coincidence of interest, the expected coincidence count is determined and compared with the observed coincidence count; this comparison is used to determine a measure of correlation for the plurality of attributes for the coincidence. The resulting set of k-tuples of correlated attributes is reported, a k-tuple of correlated attributes being a plurality of attributes for which the measure of correlation is above a predetermined threshold. The method and system (implemented on an array of processing nodes) is suitable for protein structure analysis, e.g. in HIV research.

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  • Publication: Dec 10, 2002
  • Application: Sep 24, 1999
    US US 40471499 A
  • Priority: Sep 24, 1999
    US US 40471499 A
  • Priority: Mar 23, 1998
    CA CA 9800273 W
  • Priority: Mar 24, 1997
    US US 4147297 P

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