Method And Apparatus For Secure Non-interactive Threshold Signatures


The present principles provide a threshold signature scheme. Considering n players, given asymmetric bilinear groups (G, Ĝ, G T ) with generators g, h, g̃, h̃, X, Y ∈R G and g̃z, g̃r ∈R Ĝ, each player chooses a set of random t-degree polynomials, and generate a set of partial homomorphic signature on several linearly independent vectors. The public key PK may be obtained based on the set of polynomials and the partial homomorphic signatures of n players. The private key share and verification key for a player can be defined based on the set of polynomials. The signature for the message can be obtained from t partial signatures, wherein each partial signature can be generated based on the player's private key share and some random variables. Whether a partial signature is valid can be determined based on the public key PK and the verification key. Whether the signature for the message is valid can be determined based on the public key PK.

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  • Publication: Mar 31, 2016
  • Application: Sep 25, 2015
    WO US 2015/0052129 W
  • Priority: Sep 26, 2014
    US US 201462055804 P

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