Medical And Nutritional Applications Of Highly Refined Cellulose


The present invention provides a method for using processed-cellulose. Preferably, the processed cellulose is a highly refined cellulose (HRC). The HRC is useful in a number of medical and nutritional applications. These medical and nutritional applications can include, but are not limited to, administering effective amounts of the HRC for lowering values of risk factor measurements for such diseases as arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Treatment of other diseases and conditions with the HRC is also possible.

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Document History
  • Publication: Jan 7, 2014
  • Application: Aug 24, 2011
    US US 201113216793 A
  • Priority: Aug 24, 2011
    US US 201113216793 A
  • Priority: Oct 11, 2002
    US US 27047502 A
  • Priority: Oct 12, 2001
    US US 32925501 P

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