A Method For Early Detection Of Cancer

  • Published: Oct 16, 2008
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(19) World Intellectual Property Organization International Bureau (43) International Publication Date 17 July 2008 (17.07.2008)
(51) International Patent Classification: GOlN 33/00 (2006.01) C12P 19/34 (2006.01) C07H 21/04 (2006.01) C12M 1/36 (2006.01) C12Q 1/68 (2006.01) (21) International Application Number: PCT/US2007/089096 (22) International Filing Date: 2 8 December 2007 (28.12.2007) (25) Filing Language: (26) Publication Language: (30) Priority Data: 60/883,236 60/892,863 60/896,869 60/91 1,173 60,938,419 60,980,483


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W O 2008/085777 A3
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(71) Applicant (for all designated States except US): XGENETICS INC. [US/US]; 1360 Chelsea Drive, Los Altos, California 94024 (US). (72) Inventor; and (75) Inventor/Applicant (for US only): SINGHAL, Ajay [US/US]; 1360 Chelsea Dr., Los Altos, CA 94024 (US).

Published: — with international search report — before the expiration of the time limit for amending the claims and to be republished in the event o receipt of f amendments
(88) Date of publication of the international search report: 16 October 2008

(54) Title: A METHOD FOR EARLY DETECTION OF CANCER (57) Abstract: The method i s a device or apparatus of unique design, material or a combination thereof, which identifies, separates, does imaging and classifies cells and prognostic bio-markers associated with cancer of epithelial nature. The contrivance uses a chip made of glass, silicon, quartz, a combination of these materials, or a plastic material, fabricated b y nanotechnology. The method can b e used to diagnose, monitor the disease state, disease progression, drug efficacy and a patient's treatment response.


International application No PCT/US07/89096

CLASSIFICATION O F SUBJECT MATTER GOlN 33/00( 2006 01) C07H 21/04( 2006 01),C12Q l/68( 2006 01),C12P 19/34( 2006 01),C12M l/36( 2006 01)

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U S 473 1325 (PALVA et a l ) 15 march 1998 (15 0 3 1998), see column 8 U S 2005/0123976 A l (MITAS et a l ) 09 June 2005 (09 0 6 2005), see abstract, and paragraphs 0010, 001 2 , 0028, 0038, 0052, 0056, and 0139

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