Cryptographic Asic Including Circuitry-encoded Transformation Function

  • Published: Nov 23, 2018
  • Earliest Priority: Jan 15 2016
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A transform-enabled integrated circuit for use in cryptographic proof-of-work systems is provided. The transform-enabled integrated circuit includes a transformation block embedded among other circuitry components within the cryptographic datapath of the transform-enabled integrated circuit. The transformation block may be configured at a time subsequent to the manufacture of the integrated circuit to embody as circuitry any one of a plurality of mathematical transformation functions, thus enabling a user to systemically modify the results of cryptographic operations performed by the integrated circuit while retaining the high performance and efficiency characteristics of application specific integrated circuits. Embodiments of the technology disclosed herein provides an hereto unachievable level of flexibility in the deployment of application-specific integrated circuits within proof-of-work verification systems, such as private block chain systems, public block chain systems, digitalrights management, secure token and other cryptography-related fields.


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Document History
  • Publication: Nov 23, 2018
  • Application: Jan 13, 2017
    CN CN 201780006769 A
  • Priority: Jan 13, 2017
    US US 2017/0013377 W
  • Priority: Jan 15, 2016
    US US 201614997113 A

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