Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting ?ß Oligomers


The invention relates to binding molecules capable of specifically recognizing soluble oligomers of N-terminal truncated ?ß starting with pyroglutamate (?ß??), pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and their respective therapeutic uses. Particularly, the invention relates to an antibody molecule capable of specifically recognizing ?ß oligomers, wherein said antibody binds and/or detects an epitope as bound and/or detected by antibody PG3-38 9D5H6 as deposited under DSM ACC3056. Further, the invention provides a method of inhibiting the formation or the seeding effect of said ?ß?? oligomers, and a method for identifying agents useful in the treatment and/or prevention of an amyloid-related disorder as well as methods of diagnosing a subject suspected of suffering from a disease associated with amyloidogenesis and/or amyloid plaque formation and to methods of monitoring the efficacy of a treatment of a disease associated with amyloidogenesis and/or amyloid-plaque formation characterized by the presence of ?ß oligomers in a subject.


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