Blockchain Coils Illuminator By Oneself

  • Published: Jan 4, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Jul 15 2016
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The utility model relates to a blockchain coils illuminator by oneself coils main part, enclosing cover and luminescence unit by the chain and constitutes, chain dish main part is inside to set up a plurality of recesses and the trench fixed mounting luminescence unit compriseed these recesses, the luminescence unit comprises battery splicing, battery pack, switch module, light emitting source and circuit, and wherein light emitting source has a plurality of and establishes ties and meets, the light emitting source tip meets with switch module, battery pack respectively through the circuit, the transparent enclosing cover of chain dish main part trench outside fixed mounting integral type. The utility model discloses beneficial effect does: when riding in the relatively poor environment of sight, light energy that luminous chain dish sent makes clearer that other people saw, makes when riding safelyr, the light that the illuminator produced has promoted the aesthetic measure when riding, strengthened the fashion for riding passerby, after stepping on proper motion brake pedal, the rotation of bicycle tire, the starting shock switch, the control lamp that opens the light makes the lamp send the light, has optimized light emitting structure.


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  • Publication: Jan 4, 2017
  • Application: Jul 15, 2016
    CN CN 201620756063 U
  • Priority: Jul 15, 2016
    CN CN 201620756063 U

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