Method For Exchange In Real Time Between Mileage And Bitcoin

  • Published: Sep 24, 2015
  • Earliest Priority: Mar 14 2014
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Disclosed is a method for purchasing and exchanging a bitcoin in real time using a mileage which is generated through purchasing activities such as purchasing goods, etc. The method comprises the steps of: executing payment in accordance with a purchase by accessing the operating server through a client which comprises a mobile device and a PC; sending a notification to the client by calculating mileage in accordance with the payment by the operating server; calculating the amount of available bitcoin by referring to the price of a bitcoin provided by the operating server in real time from a bitcoin transaction server in accordance with the confirmation of the mileage calculated from the client; purchasing the calculated bitcoin from the bitcoin transaction server by the operating server; and notifying the client of the contents of the purchase of the bitcoin by the operating server.


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  • Publication: Sep 24, 2015
  • Application: Mar 14, 2014
    KR KR 20140030218 A
  • Priority: Mar 14, 2014
    KR KR 20140030218 A

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