System And Method For Distributorless Product Supply Chain Management

  • Published: Feb 25, 2016
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A new product introduction system is configured for (a) introducing new products into a target geographical without authorized or recognized distributors for such products; and (b) providing particular types of new product supply chain management services within the target geographical area. The system receives a target product verification request from a product seeker's computing device, and extracts a product image for determination of whether a product depicted therein is available in the target geographical area. The system maintains a cumulative count of target product verification requests corresponding to the product for estimating product popularity in the target geographical area. If no distributor exists, the system receives venture orders for the product from venture investors' computing devices, and places such orders with a product source outside the target geographical area. The system manages online product sales in the target geographical area, and automatically apportions online sales revenues among the venture investors.


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