Nucleic Acid Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccines


Non-replicating vectors containing a nucleotide sequence coding for an F protein of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and a promoter for such sequence, preferably a cytomegalovirus promoter, are described for in vivo immunization. The nucleotide sequence encloding the RSV F protein may lack a sequence encoding the homologous signal peptide but possessing a heterologous signal peptide enhancing RSV F protein expression. Such non-replicating vectors, including plasmids, also may contain a further nucleotide sequence located adjacent to the RSV F protein encoding sequence to enhance the immunoprotective ability of the RSV F protein when expressed in vivo. Such non-replicating vectors may be used to immunize a host against disease caused by infection with RSV, including a human host, by administration thereto, and may be formulated as immunogenic compositions with pharmaceutically-acceptable carriers for such purpose. Such vectors also may be used to produce antibodies for detection of RSV infection in a sample.

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  • Publication: Jul 4, 2000
  • Application: Mar 5, 1999
    US US 26292799 A
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    US US 26292799 A
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    US US 47639795 A

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