Blockchain Dish Pitch Arc Keeps Off By Oneself

  • Published: Mar 30, 2016
  • Earliest Priority: Oct 28 2015
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Blockchain dish pitch arc keeps off by oneself keeps off the fixed screw constitution by the pitch arc, the pitch arc keeps off and to roll with certain inflexible wire, and the centre curves than the big half -circular arc of chain dish, inwards buckles inwards in both sides again, and annulet that both ends batching was used as the screw fixation coils its chain that is fixed in the crank opposite side, it is dirty to prevent that trouser legs is stained with chain dish chain oil, prevents that trouser legs rolls into chain, and the material is economized, and is with low costs, and production is easy, simple to operate, simple and practical.


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  • Publication: Mar 30, 2016
  • Application: Oct 28, 2015
    CN CN 201520845957 U
  • Priority: Oct 28, 2015
    CN CN 201520845957 U

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