/ Data Recording And Validation Methods And Systems Using The Connecting Of Blockchain Between Different Type

  • Published: Feb 13, 2017
  • Earliest Priority: Apr 28 2016
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The present invention relates to a method and a system for validating data, more specifically, to a method and a system for recording and validating data by proof of work for preventing forgery, falsification, and loss of a block. The method for recording and validating data comprises: a first step of recording a hash of a block chain in a certain area of a side chain for connecting the block chain to other block chains and then generating a transaction; a second step, performed by a block constructor with respect to the transaction included in the block chain, of generating a block by using a predetermined processing unit and a distribution method; a third step, performed by a block storage element of dispersing and storing the block in a single device; and a fourth step of settling expense in accordance with data synchronization of the block storage element and compensating for the expense. Provided is a method for recording/validating data by using the connection between different types of block chains for imposing compensation expense based on an actual monetary value. According to the present invention, risk can be reduced by applying excellent security and safety of other block chains through interconnection between the block chains. Rapid block generation is induced by increasing the amount of commission fee payment during a process for recording an abstract of one block in another block, and the total expense is reduced.


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  • Publication: Feb 13, 2017
  • Application: Apr 28, 2016
    KR KR 20160052007 A
  • Priority: Apr 28, 2016
    KR KR 20160052007 A

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