Systems And Methods For Gifting Of Products, Stored Value Instruments, Or Both

  • Published: Apr 9, 2015
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The gifting systems and corresponding methods of the present disclosure electronically provide a stored value instrument as a gift in place of a suggested product. The methods include taking a selected product offered for sale on a merchant's eCommerce website, converting that product into a gift suggestion, and delivering a personalized message including the gift suggestion and the stored value instrument to a gift recipient, based on various calculations, rules, and user inputs. The gift recipient can either purchase the suggested gift or purchase any other gift from the eCommerce website's merchant using the stored value instrument. These systems and methods support multiple contributors to the gift and can be used via social or non-social networks. These systems and methods also support the delivery of personalized online messages related to a gift via social networks, email, or SMS. The personalized online messages include eGreeting cards, written messages, video recordings, and/or photos.


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