Methods And Means For Inhibition Of Cdk4 Activity


p21<SUP>WAF1 </SUP>interacts with cyclin D1 and Cdk4. Peptide fragments of p21 inhibit the interaction and/or affect Cdk4 activity. The peptides, derivative peptides and non-peptidyl mimetics thereof are useful in affecting activity of Cdk4, such as RB phosphorylation, and cellular proliferation, indicative of therapeutic usefulness in treatment of tumours and other hyperproliferative disorders. Assay and screening methods allow identification of such modulators, especially inhibitors, of Cdk4 activity.

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  • Publication: Nov 8, 2005
  • Application: Jul 8, 1999
    US US 18026999 A
  • Priority: May 8, 1997
    GB GB 9701250 W
  • Priority: Oct 9, 1996
    GB GB 9621314 A
  • Priority: May 8, 1996
    GB GB 9609521 A

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