Method And Apparatus For Reducing Intermodulation Distortion In An Electronic Device Having An Amplifier Circuit

  • Published: Jul 30, 2009
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An electronic device includes an amplifier circuit coupled to a linearizer. The amplifier circuit may receive a first input signal including first and second frequencies and generate a first output signal including a delta frequency signal at a delta frequency, which is the difference between the first frequency and the second frequency. The linearizer includes a signal detector circuit, a current-mirror circuit, a low pass filter, a phase shifter, and a bias circuit. The signal detector circuit may generate a second output signal. The current-mirror circuit may adjust an amplitude of a signal. The low pass filter may eliminate a portion of the second output signal having frequencies greater than the delta frequency. The phase shifter may generate a feedback signal corresponding to the delta frequency signal. An amplitude and/or a phase of the feedback signal is different from an amplitude and/or a phase of the delta frequency signal.

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  • Publication: Jul 30, 2009
  • Application: Jan 28, 2008
    US US 2106108 A
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    US US 2106108 A

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