A Microrna-based Method For Assessing The Prognosis Of A Prostate Cancer Patient


The present application concerns a new in vitro method for assessing the prognosis of a prostate cancer patient, comprising measuring the expression level of at least two miRs selected from group of miRs consisting of: miR-106a-5p, miR-10b-5p, miR-133a-3p, mi R-152-3p, miR-185-5p, miR-193a-5p, miR-221-3p, miR-23a-3p, miR-30d-3p, miR-326, mi R-374b-5p, miR-615-3p and mi R-625-3p in a RNA sample from prostate cells obtained from said patient, wherein a changed expression level of said at least 2 miRs, as compared to a reference expression profile, is indicative of the prognosis of said prostate cancer patient.

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  • Publication: Sep 1, 2016
  • Application: Feb 26, 2016
    WO DK 2016050053 W
  • Priority: Feb 27, 2015
    DK DK PA201500113 A

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