A Tissue Clamp For Endolumenal Local Excision Of Tissue

  • Published: Jul 30, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Dec 14 2006
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A surgical tissue clamp (1), particularly for endolumenally clamping and invaginating tissue (10) during a polypectomy or excision of a lesion in general, comprises a flexible elongate insertion shaft (4), a handle (3) arranged at a proximal end of the insertion shaft (4), a clamping head (2) arranged at a distal end of the insertion shaft (4) and including a proximal jaw (5) and a distal jaw (6) movable relative to the proximal jaw (5) and configured to cooperate with the proximal jaw (5) for clamping the tissue (10) in a substantially radial orientation with respect to a longitudinal axis (X) of the clamping head (2), an actuating device (8) operatively connected with the proximal and distal jaws (5, 6) and adapted to approximate the jaws and to hold the jaws in a tissue clamping configuration, wherein the proximal and distal jaws have a curved configuration.


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  • Publication: Jul 30, 2008
  • Application: Dec 14, 2006
    EP EP 06126186 A
  • Priority: Dec 14, 2006
    EP EP 06126186 A

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