Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Obtained From C3h/hen And Dba/1j Mouse Strains


Embryonic stem cells derived from an inbred mouse strain selected from the group consisting of C3H/HeN, C57BL/6N, DBA/1J, and BALB/c strains, for example, C-2 cell having the accession number FERM BP-5933 and C-6 cell having the accession number FERM BP-5934 are disclosed. The embryonic stem cells of the present invention are derived from genetically complete inbred strains, and therefore, they are extremely useful for close genetic research.

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  • Publication: Nov 16, 1999
  • Application: May 20, 1997
    US US 85929097 A
  • Priority: May 21, 1996
    JP 12553396 A

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