Compounds And Methods For Modulation Of Estrogen Receptors


Compounds that modulate gene expression through the estrogen receptor (ER) are disclosed having the following structure, as well as pharmaceutical compositions containing the same:wherein R1, R2, R3, n and p are as defined here. In a specific embodiment, the compounds are selective modulators for Er-beta over ER-alpha. Methods are also disclosed for modulating ER-beta in cells and/or tissues expressing the same, including cells and/or tissues that preferentially express ER-beta. More generally, methods for treating estrogen-related conditions are also disclosed, including conditions such as is breast cancer, testicular cancer, osteoporosis, endometriosis, cardiovascular disease, hypercholesterolemia, prostatic hypertrophy, prostatic carcinomas, obesity, hot flashes, skin effects, mood swings, memory loss, urinary incontinence, hairloss, cataracts, natural hormonal imbalances, and adverse reproductive effects associated with exposure to environmental chemicals.

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  • Publication: Dec 18, 2001
  • Application: Jul 6, 2000
    US US 61115600 A
  • Priority: Jul 6, 2000
    US US 61115600 A
  • Priority: Dec 30, 1999
    US US 47577699 A
  • Priority: Dec 30, 1998
    US US 11447298 P

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