A Collagen/hydroxyapatite Composite Scaffold, And Process For The Production Thereof

  • Published: Aug 14, 2008
  • Earliest Priority: Feb 09 2007
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A process for producing a collagen/hydroxyapatite (HA) composite scaffold comprises the steps of forming a homogenous suspension of collagen and HA in an acidic solution, lyophilising the suspension until a desired final freezing temperature is reached to produce the composite scaffold, and optionally cross-linking the composite scaffold, wherein the ratio of HA to collagen is at least 1 : 10 (w/w). Also provided is a collagen/hydroxyapatite (HA) composite scaffold comprising a homogenous distribution of hydroxyapatite within a porous, crosslinked, collagen matrix, wherein the ratio of HA to collagen is at least 1 : 10 (w/w). Suitably, the composite scaffold has a porosity of at least 99% (v/v), and a compressive stiffness of at least 0.3KPa. Composite scaffolds of the invention may be used to provide osteoconductive bone implants and tissue engineering implants.

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  • Publication: Aug 14, 2008
  • Application: Feb 11, 2008
    WO IE 2008000010 W
  • Priority: Feb 9, 2007
    EP EP 07394001 A

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