Bovine Beta -mannosidase Nucleic Acid Sequence


The gene encoding bovine beta -mannosidase has been identified, cloned, sequenced and characterized. The full-length cDNA contains 3852 nucleotides encoding 879 amino acids. The mutation involved in bovine beta -mannosidosis has also been identified. Oligonucleotides and antibodies raised to the gene product are provided and are used in a variety of methods including assays to screen for an abnormal beta -mannosidase gene and diagnosis of beta -mannosidosis.

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  • Publication: Nov 17, 1998
  • Application: Sep 19, 1995
    US US 53052495 A
  • Priority: Sep 19, 1995
    US US 53052495 A
  • Priority: Sep 15, 1994
    US US 30654694 A

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