App Group, Ad Bandwidth, Hand Off For Linket And Mobile Deep Links

  • Published: Jun 29, 2017
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Users establish an individual or collective brand that uses their expertise with a mobile app. A linket is a label for a deep link. A deep link is at minimum 2 items. An id of an app and a network address or domain where the app is run. A Registry maps from a linket to a deep link. A linket owner defines a group of apps and a group id. The linket maps to a deep link that uses the group id instead of an id of a specific app. The apps in the group might be run in student mode. The address in the deep link is of an instance of another app that acts as a teacher or instructor. A group can have subgroups. This can be used to download app ids suitable for different mobile platforms, such that a mobile device can parse the appropriate ids for itself. An ad server that sends ads to 2 instances (on different devices) of an app can send an ad to only one instance. The latter shows the ad on its device and also forwards it to the other instance. This reduces the outgoing bandwidth on the ad server by half. If the user of the first device picks an item on the first ad, this choice can be sent to and shown on the second ad. A game can be played between the ad instances, independent of the underlying interactions between the app instances. A person using an app in a multi-user interaction with other persons can hand off her instance to someone. She makes a deep link that has an id of her app instance, known the app server. The deep link is sent to another person not currently in the interaction. His device decodes the deep link and presents it wirelessly to the server. The server transfers her “game position” to the network address of his device. He can play her position in the interaction.

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