Systems And Methods For Creating And Maintaining Real Money Tournaments For Video Games

  • Published: Jan 28, 2016
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By one or more processors of a computing device, receive a player game election of a player, the player game election comprising a skill based video game and one or more player characteristics of the player, determine a first player eligibility of the player to participate in the skill based video game comprising verify the one or more player characteristics, send the first player eligibility to an operator of the skill based video game, receive a list of one or more players that fulfilled a win condition for the skill based video game, determine a second player eligibility to receive a payout based on the list of one or more players that fulfilled the win condition, the first player eligibility, and a player preference for a payout type, and distribute the payout to the one or more players that fulfill the win condition.

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  • Publication: Jan 28, 2016
  • Application: Jul 10, 2015
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