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Secreted And Transmembrane Polypeptides And Nucleic Acids Encoding The Same

Method For Detecting Cyst Nematodes

  • Published: Jul 3, 2008
  • Family: 7
  • Cited: 0
  • Cites: 10
  • Sequences: 64
  • Additional Info: Cited Works Full text Published Sequence
  • Applicant: Univ Wageningen, Bedrijfslaboratorium Voor Gron, Helder Johannes, Karssen Gerrit, Van Den Elsen Sven Johannes Jo, Holterman Martijn Hermanus Mar, Mooijman Paulus Jacques Willem, Staps Roel Victor, Landeweert Renske, Hekman Henri, Bakker Jaap

Mammalian Cell Surface Antigens; Related Reagents

Differentially Expressed Nucleic Acids In The Blood-brain Barrier Under Inflammatory Conditions

Method For Identifying Nucleic Acid Molecules Associated With Angiogenesis

Environmental Stress Tolerance Genes

Mammalian Receptor Proteins; Related Reagents And Methods

Compositions And Methods For Detecting, Treating, Or Preventing Reductive Stress

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