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Patent documents citing scholarly work of Australian National University

Multilayered Film-nanowire Composite, Bifacial, And Tandem Solar Cells

  • Published: Jul 16, 2008
  • Family: 7
  • Cited: 3
  • Info: Published
  • Applicant: Gen Electric

Data Processing, Analysis Method Of Gene Expression Data To Identify Endogenous Reference Genes

  • Published: Jul 3, 2008
  • Family: 16
  • Cited: 7
  • Info: Full text Published
  • Applicant: Seoul Nat Univ Ind Foundation, Shin Young Kee, Kwon Mi Jeong, Oh En Sel, In Yong Ho, Koh Sang Seok

Compositions Of And Methods Of Using Sulfatases From Flavobacterium Heparinum

Methods Of Using Il-31 To Treat Airway Hyper-responsiveness And Asthma

  • Published: Jul 17, 2008
  • Family: 12
  • Cited: 20
  • Info: Full text Published Sequence
  • Applicant: Zymogenetics Inc, Bilsborough Janine, Bort Susan J, Chadwick Eric M, Mudri Sherri L, Yao Yue, Bannink Kenneth M, Meehan Woerner P, Ren Hong Ping

Antiviral Compounds

  • Published: Jul 31, 2008
  • Family: 13
  • Cited: 7
  • Info: Full text Published
  • Applicant: Therapicon Srl, Veronesi Paolo Alberto, Rodriguez Pablo Eduardo Andres, Peschechera Emanuela, Veronesi Susanna Lucia

Novel Memory Ctl Induction Potentiator

  • Published: Aug 13, 2008
  • Family: 5
  • Cited: 1
  • Info: Published
  • Applicant: Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co

Method And Apparatus For Adaptive Blind Equalization

  • Published: Aug 13, 2008
  • Family: 2
  • Cited: 6
  • Info: Published
  • Applicant: Abb Research Ltd

Organic Molybdenum Compounds And Lubricating Compositions Comprising Said Compounds

  • Published: Aug 7, 2008
  • Family: 3
  • Cited: 3
  • Info: Full text Published
  • Applicant: Shell Int Research, Nagatomi Eiji, Shinoda Noriaki, Aihara Yoshihiko

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