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Patent documents citing scholarly work of Michigan State Univ

Novel Enzymes Which Dehydrate Glycerol

Method And System For Biometric Authentication And Encryption

Compositions And Methods For The Treatment Of Infections And Tumors

  • Published: Jul 10, 2008
  • Family: 42
  • Cited: 59
  • Cites: 26
  • Sequences: 52
  • Additional Info: Cited Works Full text Published Sequence
  • Applicant: Univ Emory, Dana Farber Cancer Inst Inc, Harvard College, Ahmed Rafi, Amara Rama, Freeman Gordon, Sharpe Arlene

In Vitro Methods For The Induction And Maintenance Of Plant Cell Lines As Single Suspension Cells With Intact Cell Walls, And Transformation Thereof

  • Published: Jul 10, 2008
  • Family: 27
  • Cited: 1
  • Cites: 1
  • Sequences: 8
  • Additional Info: Cited Works Full text Published Sequence
  • Applicant: Dow Agrosciences Llc, Jayakumar Pon Samuel, Beringer Jeffrey R, Schmitzer Paul, Burroughs Frank, Garisson Robbi, Ainley William Michael, Samboju Narasimha Chary

Detection Of Viable Agents

Method For Measuring Animal Alpha-amylase

Use Of Sodium Blockers For An Early Therapy Of Obstructive Lung Diseases

Tyr A Genes And Uses Thereof

Methods And Nucleic Acids For Analyses Of Cell Proliferative Disorders

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