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Patent documents citing scholarly work of UC Davis

Secreted And Transmembrane Polypeptides And Nucleic Acids Encoding The Same

In Vitro Method For Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Simultaneous Sensing And Data Transmission

Method For Purifying Interleukin 1 Receptor Antagonist (il-1ra) Proteins

Pesticide Biomarker

Compositions And Methods For The Expression Of Nucleic Acids

Novel Acid-resistant Mutant S-hydroxynitrile Lyase

  • Published: Jul 16, 2008
  • Family: 4
  • Cited: 0
  • Additional Info: Published
  • Applicant: Nippon Catalytic Chem Ind, Nat Inst Of Technology And Eva

Selection Of Well-expressed Synthetic Genes

Compositions And Methods For The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Iron-related Disorders

  • Published: Jul 3, 2008
  • Family: 2
  • Cited: 5
  • Sequences: 253
  • Additional Info: Full text Published Sequence
  • Applicant: Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc, Univ Rennes, Laherty Carol D, Goldberg Yigal Paul, Brissot Pierre Gabriel, Loreal Olivier, Abgueguen Emmanuelle

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