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Patent documents citing scholarly work of CNRS

Method For Heterogeneous Acid Catalysts

Multifunctional Cytokines

Synthesis Of Crystalline Nanometric Lifempo4

Ligands And Catalyst Systems Thereof For The Catalytic Oligomerization Of Olefinic Monomers

  • Published: Jul 3, 2008
  • Family: 27
  • Cited: 13
  • Info: Full text Published

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  • Applicant: Shell Int Research, De Boer Eric Johannes Maria, Van Der Heijden Harry, On Quoc An, Smit Johan Paul, Van Zon Arie

Method For Producing Catalytic Antibodies (variants), Antigens For Immunization And Nucleotide Sequence

Cells And Methodology To Generate Non-segmented Negative-strand Rna Viruses

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