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Patent documents citing scholarly work of Univ Nth Carolina Chapel Hill

Nucleophosmin Protein (npm) Mutants, Corresponding Gene Sequences And Uses Thereof

Multifunctional Cytokines

Neisseria Meningitidis Antigens And Compositions

Diagnostic And Screening Method

Methods For Generating High Titer Helper-free Preparations Of Recombinant Aav Vectors

Heterocyclic Compounds And Their Use In Treating Inflammation, Angiogenesis And Cancer

  • Published: Jul 3, 2008
  • Family: 13
  • Cited: 15
  • Cites: 8
  • Additional Info: Cited Works Full text Published
  • Applicant: Amgen Inc, Cheng Yuan, Choquette Deborah, Harmange Jean-christophe, Tasker Andrew

Amylases And Glucoamylases, Nucleic Acids Encoding Them And Methods For Making And Using Them

  • Published: Jul 3, 2008
  • Family: 34
  • Cited: 25
  • Cites: 227
  • Additional Info: Cited Works Full text Published
  • Applicant: Verenium Corp, Syngenta Participations Ag, Slupska Malgorzata, Hazlewood Geoff, Chang Cathy, Luginbuhl Peter, Burke Ellen, Cayouette Michelle, Gunavardena Uvini, Ghassemian Majid, Silverstone Aron, Zhang Yan

Methods Of Detecting Replication Competent Adenovirus

Use Of Sodium Blockers For An Early Therapy Of Obstructive Lung Diseases

Linear Dicationic Terphenyls And Their Aza Analogues As Antiparasitic Agents

  • Published: Jul 30, 2008
  • Family: 10
  • Cited: 0
  • Additional Info: Published
  • Applicant: Univ North Carolina, Univ Georgia State Res Found, Werbovetz Karl, Brun Reto

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