PatSeq Data

Compare biological patent holdings in the Lens with national and regional patent offices databases, view sequence disclosures across jurisdictions over time, and download…

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PatSeq Finder

PatSeq Finder

Use input DNA or protein sequence(s) to find matches in the Lens PatSeq database, and determine whether the results have been referenced in the claims of a patent, or just disclosed…

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PatSeq Text Search

Search for patent documents that declare at least one sequence in their sequence listings section as derived from a specific species. Use keywords to perform full text searches within…

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PatSeq Explorer

Navigate and analyse patent-disclosed sequences mapped onto genomes and chromosomes and explore linkages between sequences and phenotypes…

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PatSeq Analyzer

Compare patenting activity at the chromosomal locus or gene level, filter by sequence or search by patent attributes to analyse extent and scope of invention at that level…

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