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The Lens


100% Free


We think the ability for anyone to create new value should not be constrained by access to critical information. Everybody uses Lens for free. We don't do 'Freemium'. With us, everyone gets the best we have at no cost. Use is free, Accounts are free.


Global & Open


All of our data can be accessed, used, shared, repurposed and reused by anyone. We don't discriminate by who you are. We aspire to help problem solvers around the world, in any jurisdiction and any language. We aren't there yet, but with community help we're making progress.


Private & Secure


Your business is yours, not ours. We don't monitor your use of the system. We don't keep track of what you do (unless you ask us to). We don't share or sell any knowledge of your use of Lens. We don't advertise or let others advertise on Lens. We don't use Google Analytics or other cloud based Click-trackers to 'optimize' your use of the site. We host our own analytics. We avoid any third party software that could expose your use to outside parties. Your account is yours and yours alone.

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