Lens capabilitiesThe Lens is much more than just patent search

Patent Search Analysis

Lens PatentsPatent Search Analysis

The Lens hosts more than 100 million patent records from over 95 different jurisdictions? Our patent searching capabilities have been updated recently, allowing users to use advanced boolean functions, structured search, biological search, and classification search options to build a holistic view of a particular patent and further their decision-making.

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Influence Mapping

QUT In4M MetricRanking Institutional Influence

In collaboration with PubMed and Crossref , The Lens has extracted and identified millions of scholarly articles, cited in the global patent literature, and used these to conceive new In4M Metrics. Using these metrics, The Lens then ranked 200 global institutions and 51 Australian institutions to allow you to discover their level of influence on industry and innovation.

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Document Collections and Markup

Lens CollectionsDocument Collections & Markup

Create collections, queries and notes which are relevant to you, your innovation landscape and decision-making process. Markup, annotate or embed your collections, organise your data and share your collections with others. Play a part in the open mapping of human knowledge and help us to solve the problem of problem solving.

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Scholarly Search Analysis

Lens ScholarScholarly Search Analysis

The Lens hosts more than 30 million scholarly articles, across various disciplines and from multiple sources. In addition to freely accessing the scholarly literature, users can discover the relationships that exist between some of these scholarly works including the authors and institutions to which they belong.

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Biological Sequences

Lens PatSeqBiological Sequences & bulk downloads

The Lens’ unique open facility allows you to search, analyse and share the biological sequences disclosed in patent documents. This is the world’s largest publicly available database with internal transparency metrics. Choose among the 5 apps available to you to search and analyse the DNA, RNA and protein sequences found in patents.

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Map Influence of Scholarship

Lens PatCiteMapping Scholarship Influence on Industry

Discover which scholarly articles have influenced what patents and who is using your scholarly work. Dynamic and interrogable, these maps allow you to identify important linkages, build networks of collaborations. The granularity of this tool allows you to gain real-time insights into how science and scholarship are shaping patent-based inventions and influencing subsets of economic activity.

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