Lens User Stories

Nick Hale

13 April 2018

Amazing service, Patents + Scholarly articles. I really like the updates to the Lens platform that link patents to scholarly articles. I’m familiar with Microsoft Academic Graph and all of the patent sources, but how did you create a relational link between the scholarly articles and the patents that cite them?”


21 March 2018

I applaud your services. I used a number of patent search services over the last 20 years and yours is the bestI tried so far. I prefer this one from currently available commercial ones, even thus The Lens lacks some features in comparison to the others. Really good job.”

Hazel Housden

14 March 2018

I find Lens to be the best free online tool for patent searching - thanks for providing it! I previously used two commercial searching platforms (Patsnap and PatBase) and both of them had a feature that I found very useful on occasion, so I wondered if you have any plans to introduce it to PatentLens.”

Ron Penaflor

22 February 2017

I have been using your website for a few month now, a I find it to be quite impressive in both search and analytics, and also find your platform enhancements make your site very intuitive and easy to navigate and use. If possible, would your team be able to add more data fields to the “Export/Import Collections and Results”

Paul Carpenter

10 February 2018

I am a big fan of lens.org and recommend it highly to colleagues and clients alike. I am undertaking some research and have come across an anomaly I am unable to explain… Many thanks”

Ross Maclachlan

8 June 2017

I have recently become aware of the lens and am very impressed with it. Great to be able to work with so many documents in a freely available system and to have inbuilt analysis visualisation. The pdf preview is also invaluable, and everything seems to happen so quickly. We are undertaking a research project into patent use for creative engineering problem solving. I have started using Lens to develop patent sets - before I was going between different free platforms. 10 years ago I was a patent examiner, and whilst I thought the office’s system wasn’t perfect, I have never seen an interface on the public databases that is anywhere near as good. Lens is better in many ways”

Benoit Sable

31 January 2017

Hello, Your tool is excellent and much better than the other I tried.
If I can give you few advice I would recommend you to try to implement the following functions :
- add a function to be able to highlight different words in different colors, in all the texts of the patent publications under review. This is really helpful to find quickly the information we are looking for in a text and would be useful for all searches in all technical fields.
- display one (and even better all) picture of a patent publication in the same time as the abstract. This is essential for searches in mechanical publications.”