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  • Global Coverage
    Global Coverage

    The Lens now covers over 90 patent jurisdictions worldwide, including enriched data from INPADOC, EPO, USPTO, WO and many more. The Lens currently serves over 80 million patent documents.

  • Explore Global Patent Families
    Explore Global Patent Families

    Single inventions may have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of related patent documents across different jurisdictions. The Lens allows you to see and explore these relationships.

  • Full Text Searching of Major Jurisdictions
    Full Text Searching of Major Jurisdictions

    Search the full text of major jurisdictions such as US, EP, WO, and AU with links to global patent families. We are adding more full text jurisdictions regularly!

  • Free PDFs and Inline Viewing
    Free PDFs and Inline Viewing

    Patents can be downloaded as searchable PDFs or viewed as browser-readable .png files online.

  • Multi-Lingual Search
    Multi-Lingual Search

    Search for patent text in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese or Russian.

  • Collect, Share, Comment, Annotate
    Collect, Share, Comment, Annotate

    Using Lens workspace tools you can annotate patents with tags and notes, or create, share and analyze custom patent collections.

  • Faceted Exploration
    Faceted Exploration

    Using the power of facets, users can explore patent search results and collections of documents with ease, using single-clicks to filter results and examine associations.

  • Graphical Analysis
    Graphical Analysis

    View search results in charts created in real time, allowing you to explore and filter inventors, applicants, jurisdictions, and more!

  • Embed Analysis On Your Site
    Embed Analysis On Your Site

    Embed any generated graphics from your patent analysis on your own website with a single click, allowing you to collaborate with others.

  • Explore DNA and Protein Sequence Patents
    Explore DNA and Protein Sequence Patents

    With over 120 million DNA sequences, and 10 million protein sequences from patent documents around the world, the biological search facility is a powerful tool for finding, analyzing and understanding biological patenting.

  • Marked up Citations
    Marked up Citations

    The Lens now has link-outs to over five million non-patent literature citations, allowing single click access to PubMed, PubMed Central Open Access and CrossRef DOIs.

  • Current Legal Status
    Current Legal Status

    Single click from any patent document will recover current legal data from the EPO's™ INPADOC OPS Service, including ownership and status.

  • PatSeq Explorer and Analyser
    PatSeq Explorer and Analyser

    The PatSeq Explorer and Analyzer tools are the latest advanced biological features on The Lens. Explore patented biological sequences at greater contextual depth than ever before and share the findings with others.


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